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Taking Notes With Wiznotes

Wiznotes note taking software is an essential tool for college or high school students. Wiznotes can actually help you to pass your exams! Wiznotes goes far beyond storing your typed course notes in a digital format. Wiznotes has many innovative note taking software features that actually help you to learn and remember whatever you are studying!

Wiznotes’ unique collapsible sections automatically collapse when you indicate that you know the contents of that part of your notes very well. The ‘Test-Me-Tables’ allow you to enter any information into a table and then be tested until you remember it completely. Wiznotes chemistry assistant helps you to very quickly write chemical equations.

Wiznotes has a variety of fast review features that will help you reap the benefits of taking notes with Wiznotes. You can quickly view a list of all the parts of your notes that you have highlighted. In addition you can quickly and easily link your notes to online videos, web pages, maps, Wikipedia articles, Qwikies, multimedia, pdf, office documents etc. You will be able to view these different media formats inside Wiznotes. This seamless integration between your personal notes and public information and services on the internet is crucial for students studying in the 21st century.

Wiznotes is easy to start using for taking notes. When you are ready, there is a wide spectrum of features that will enable you to become an extremely productive student.

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"...With the straightforward features Wiznotes has to offer, you can organize your notes faster and you will have more time to study..."