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Start your child's reading progress and provide them with learning skills to be ready to go to school with the Dicker Reading program, which is a 7th grade reading tutor and 8th grade reading tutor. Good reading skills can predict high school academic performance, but if your child is still a struggling reader, you can have this option.

Our program leverages home-based technology to connect children to qualified and skilled teachers, providing a human touch that cannot be replaced by conventional learning apps. Our tutors have years of experience and have many strategies to develop your child's reading skills and prepare them for the future.

We offer children the extra support they need to improve their confidence in pre k reading and learning progress. We're adjusting to where your child is now, building on the skills they need to catch up with or keep up within the school.

Our curriculum is ideal for children of all ages who need a tailored and flexible approach. What are you waiting for? Sign them up today!

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