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Sprung Structures serve as the framework for fabric building and strengthening world-class tensioned membrane structures. Over 12,000 structures built in 100 countries worldwide, Sprung has the experience and knowledge to assist professionals. We develop new product solutions through continuous adaptation and creativity. Behind us are the best architects and engineers who are intelligent, innovative, and have flexible designs to offer. We provide materials for Pool building building, gymnasium, golf domes and a lot more. Sprung is all about building relationships with people. We help in times of urgent need, especially in this time of the pandemic. We are also the source of supply for the Salvation Army and Red Cross in their disaster recovery efforts. Sprung has been donating structures to disaster recovery applications since 1980. For inquiries, contact us. The more we learn about your requirements, the better we can recommend the building solution that’s right for you. We can’t wait to help you discover a faster and better way to build. 

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