Different Types of Tables You Can Insert With Your Notes


Different Tables

You can insert different types of tables together with your notes. Apart from regular tables Wiznotes allows you to insert special tables that help you with your studies.

Regular Tables

These types are tables are similar to tables in other software with certain features that make it easy to use these tables when you are taking notes.

Collapsible Tables

Collapsible tables are similar to regular tables with the additional functions that you can record how well you know the information inside the table and also collapse and expand the table.


Test-Me-Tables are similar to collapsible tables with the additional functionality that you can be tested on the information that you enter into the table.

Translation Table

In addition to the regular test-me-table Wiznotes has a special type of test-me-table called a 'Translation Table'. This table provides the regular functionality of a test-me-table with extra features to help you to learn translations of words or phrases.