Wiznotes Note Taking Software Main Screen


Wiznotes main screen is designed to allow you to see different controls when you want to and hide them when you want to maximize the main editing area for taking notes.

Main text editor area

The large white area in the middle of Wiznotes is the main text editor of Wiznotes where you write your notes. The text is in a flow layout so that no matter how wide you have Wiznotes you will never need to scroll horizontally. This is particularly useful if sometimes Wiznotes is maximized and other times it is only displayed on half of the screen.

You can increase or decrease the magnification of your notes by moving the magnification slider that appears at the bottom of the editing area. Alternatively you can press down the Ctrl button on your keyboard and move the wheel on your mouse.


Many of Wiznotes functions for taking notes can be activated from the ribbon that is at the top of the main screen.


You can add and open pages for taking notes in Wiznotes by using Wiznotes' navigator that is located to the right of the main screen.


Various assistants can be displayed at the bottom or on the left side of Wiznotes' main screen. Each assistant provides more specialized note taking functions to help you to perform a wide spectrum of tasks.