Wiznotes' 'Navigator' is located on the right-hand side of Wiznotes' main screen. You will use the 'Navigator' in order to organize and open different pages of your notes.

Organization of pages

In the tutorial 'Start Taking Notes' we explained that in Wiznotes you write your notes in pages. All pages are organized into groups of pages. These groups of pages are contained inside Wiznotebooks. Wiznotes' 'Navigator' allows you to create, open, move, export, import and delete any of these items.

New Wiznotebooks, Groups of Pages and Pages

The Wiznotes ‘Navigator’ has buttons that allow you to add different items that you can use for taking notes.

Clicking on ‘New Wiznotebook…’ button will allow you to add a new Wiznotebook. The ‘New Group of Pages’ button will create a new group of pages in the current Wiznotebook just after the current group of pages. Pressing on the ‘New Page’ button will add a new page in the current open group of pages after all the other pages in that group.

Back and forward

Wiznotes' navigator has 'Back' and 'Forward' buttons that enable you to navigate backwards and forwards to different pages that you have viewed during your current session of using Wiznotes. This is particularly useful when you click on links that take you to different pages and then afterwards you want to return to your original page. This quick navigation is one of the benefits of using note taking software as opposed to taking notes with pen and paper.


The synchronize button will cause the button that represents the page that is currently open to be displayed in the main pain of wiznotes' navigator. You may want to use the synchronize button if you have opened a group of pages just in order to see what pages are in that group. In such a case your original open page remains open even though a different group of pages has been opened in the navigator.


The calendar toggle button opens or closes Wiznotes' calendar. You can use this calendar in order to schedule a timetable for reviewing your notes and when your exams will be.