Taking Notes Using Collapsible Sections

One of the unique features of Wiznotes Note Taking Software is the ability to organize your notes within a page into collapsible sections. The ability to collapse or expand a section is something that is only possible using note taking software. Such a concept obviously does not exist for written notes.

These collapsible sections provide you with the following benefits:

  1. You can provide a title for each section of your notes.
  2. It is possible to group together paragraphs that are related to a topic or sub-topic.
  3. Give you the ability to quickly jump back to the beginning of a long section.
  4. When you use collapsible sections while you take notes, you will give yourself the ability to later on just see the title of any section or expand it in order to view all of its contents.
  5. Collapsible sections allow you to store a record of how well you know each section.
  6. The sections will automatically collapse or expand according to how well you know each section. This is particularly helpful when you review your notes for your exams. The sections that you already know well will automatically collapse allowing you to concentrate on the sections that you do not know so well yet.
  7. Collapsible sections can be nested within each other. There is no limit of how many levels deep you can have sub-sections of other sections.
  8. If you use collapsible sections or nested collapsible sections for note taking, you will be able to view your notes in a hierarchical outline view.
  9. It is very easy to create links in your notes to other sections in the current page or in different pages.
  10. If you want to restore part of your notes to an earlier version, you do not need to roll back a whole page to a previous version. It is possible to roll back just a section to a previous version of that section.