Overview of Wiznotes Note Taking Software

What is Wiznotes?

Wiznotes is specialized note taking software that is purposely designed to help students in high school, college and university to succeed in their studies.

Why do students need specialized note taking software?

In the business world many companies have software that is tailor-made to suit their particular business. The more specialized the software is for a particular business, that usually increases ability of the business to run as efficiently as possible. When various businesses first started using computers, many of them used general purpose software. Over the years more and more businesses use software that is specialized for their specific needs.

Up until recently, many students have continued to take notes using a pen and pencil. In the last few years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of students that type their notes on a computer. Students find that there are many advantages in writing their notes on a computer. In particular editing and searching their notes is a lot easier.

More and more students are starting to realize that different note taking software can help them in different ways with their studies. Right from the beginning Wiznotes was purposefully designed to help students to be successful whatever they are studying.

What makes Wiznotes different to other note taking software?

If you take a look at different note taking software most of them are designed to help you to save notes and then retrieve them at a later date. Wiznotes is designed to help you succeed at your studies. When you start using Wiznotes you do not need to use all of its features. However, as you gradually learn about the different aspects of Wiznotes, you will probably use more and more of its features to help you with your studying. In these tutorials we will explain the different features in Wiznotes.

What aspects of studying does Wiznotes help me with?

There are various stages involved in studying. Wiznotes has many features that will help you with each of these stages. The main stages with most subjects are as follows:

  1. Initial learning
  2. Further study
  3. Review for an exam