Reviewing Your Notes For Your Exams

What is involved in using note taking software to help you to review for an exam?

When you review your notes for your exams it will be very important for you to be able to do the following:

  • Remember information in your notes.
  • Keep a record of how well you know different parts of your notes.
  • Quickly and easily review the main points in your notes.

How does Wiznotes help me to review for an exam?

Wiznotes contains some extremely important features that will help you review your notes for your exams:

  1. Prioritized highlighting.
  2. View the parts of your notes that you have highlighted.
  3. Ability to record how well you know each section of your notes.
  4. Collapse sections according to how well you know those sections.
  5. View outlines of your notes.
  6. Allow Wiznotes to test you on information that you have entered into test-me-tables or translation tables.
  7. Convert your text to synthesized audio speech.