Further Studying

What is involved in further studying after you have notes?

Students often need to look up more information about what they are studying. This will probably occur both during your course and also when you need to review your notes for your exams. Your goals for further study will probably be the following:

  • Ability to look up more information about the contents of your notes.
  • Attach extra digital media related to your notes.
  • Add extra explanatory information to your notes.
  • Link related notes together.

How does Wiznotes help me further studying?

Wiznotes helps you to quickly look up information related to your notes using the following services:

  1. Search engines
  2. Wikipedia
  3. Wiktionary
  4. Qwikies
  5. YouTube

In Wiznotes it is very quick and easy to use these services to do the following:

  • Look up information related to your notes.
  • Gather different digital references and attach them to your notes.
  • Create hyperlinks to reference information.
  • Copy reference information to popup notes.

Wiznotes also makes it very easy for you to link text in your notes to other notes.